Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the MN Breakfast?

We don’t have any formal membership.  Just show up and you are automatically a member.  If you would like, you can add yourself to our roster by sending an e-mail to  Please sign up for our e-mail newsletter by clicking here.  Then you will receive our weekly reminder e-mails.

Do I need a reservation to attend the Breakfast?

NO!  Just show up!  However, we do ask you to sign up for our reminder e-mails and use our RSVP system to help us predict our attendance.  Each Tuesday we will send out a reminder for that week’s breakfast. At the bottom of each e-mail, there are 4 buttons.  Just click the appropriate button to let us know what your plans are. If you make a mistake, or your plans change, just click another button. It’s that simple!  NOTE: Please use the RSVP system EVERY week, even if you are not planning to attend.

Who can attend the MN Breakfast?

We welcome anyone who is interested in our group and our speakers.  Obviously, we are a Minnesota focused group.  However, we tolerate an occasional Cheesehead.  We have a wide variety of attendees, from full time Naples residents, to snow birds, to short term visitors.  Bring your kids, friends, and visitors!

What is the cost of attendance?

The 2021 Season will be on-line only using Zoom.  There is no charge for joining the Zoom meetings.

How is the MN Breakfast Financed?

We run a very lean operation.  All of our speakers pay for their own travel expenses.  Our most significant expense is paying for use of the meeting room at the Naples Beach Hotel.  We earn a modest amount from selling ads in the printed Roster.  Occasionally we will pass the hat at the breakfast for voluntary contributions to help replenish our coffers.

How do we select speakers for the Breakfast?

We try to select speakers with Minnesota or SW Florida connections who are of interest to our membership.  We rely on our members for suggestions for speakers and topics and to help us with recruiting.  If you have any ideas or can help us recruit an interesting speaker, please send an e-mail to

How does the RSVP System Work?

Every Tuesday morning during season, we send out a reminder e-mail for that week’s breakfast.  There are four buttons at the bottom of the reminder e-mail that you can click to let us know what your plans are.  If you change your mind, click a different button.  The RSVP system remembers the last button that you click.  To sign up to receive the weekly e-mail click

The RSVP system helps us predict how many people are planning to attend each breakfast.  Please don’t hesitate to attend, even if you are unable to use the system, or you didn’t receive the reminder e-mail.

NOTE:  The 2021 season will be on-line only via Zoom.  The weekly reminder e-mail will have the link to join the Zoom meeting.  Please also use the RSVP buttons to let us know if you are going to participate, so we have a rough idea of how many people will be logging in.

Why am I not receiving the Weekly Reminder E-Mails?

If you have subscribed to receive our reminder e-mails (at, but you are not receiving the e-mails, they are probably being blocked by your spam filter.  Sometimes this is being done by your e-mail provider without your knowledge.  Whitelisting and in your spam filter can help solve this problem.  If you keep having problems, send an e-mail to and we will try to help you fix the problem.